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Marble Floor Cleaning

Dublin Marble Floor Cleaning provides professional marble cleaning services. Marble cleaning use to be a very expensive operation but with the progress in tool quality and floor pads  it has become a very affordable thing for most people. Not only that the service is more affordable but the job is take shorter and the quality has also improved.

Our company provides two types of marble cleaning and polishing:

Chemical Polishing:

We will deep clean your floors and we will remove all the heavy scratches and all the heavy dirt. After few washes your marble floor will be as clean as it was when it was put down. After deciding on the type of sealant required we will apply up to 3 coats of polish/sealant. Your floor will look nice and clean and it should stay like that for the years to come if you will respect the maintenance requirements (we will advise you how)


Diamond Polishing:

We will deep clean your floors using special lime & grease remover and after deep cleaning your grout as well we will prepare for polishing. Using fine grade diamond pads we will polish your floors. This process is very slow and it could even take 2 days to get the right shine out of your floors. This operation can only be done by a qualified flooring contractor. Holding the diamond pad on the same spot for longer than needed it will dig a hole in your floor , so no messing around if you dont know what you are doing.


Marble floors are the most expensive floors that exist. Depending on the quality of your marble it can cost anyrhing from 20€/sq meter up to 2000€ per square meter. Having such a nice floor will also require a lot of cleaning , & polishing . But if you have expensive marble floors you will want people to know. If the floor is not buffed regular it will start looking old and dull. If the floor was polished using diamond pads it will require at least one high speed buff per month to stay nice and clean. If the floor was chemical polished it will just need to be washed regular and it will require buffing 2 to 5 times per year only , depending on usage.


Marble Cleaning Pricing:

Marble floor cleaning can cost anything between 5€ to 10€ per square meter – this will remove all the dirt and it will leave the stone looking clean and natural. If polishing is required , the price will go up and it will cost anything between 10€ to 20€ per square meter. Polishing marble takes time ad time cost money. Unlike other types of floor tiles , the marble floors will require a lot of buffing and it could take up to 2 days to get 1 living room looking shiny. If a flooring contractor is charging you under this prices you should be worry. The equipment required to polish marble floors is also very expensive.

With years of experience in the marble floor industry and using only top of the range tools and equipment , we can guarantee brilliant results at resonable prices. Our specialists will work with you and they will advise how to cut costs and how to maintain your floors nice and clean.

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